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About Us

We've been at this since the very beginning of the World Wide Web. On any given day, you likely use services or features that we once pioneered or popularized. Ubiquitous things like wallpaper, uploading and sharing photos, even the retweet.

We were behind the very first user generated content and built one of the first large scale freemium businesses online.

We're versed in communities -- both online and IRL.

But mostly, we love the potential of software and design. We like ideas that make life less cumbersome but have a healthy respect for privacy and personal information.

Finally, We like projects where the intention is clear, positive, and well understood. More about Narendra , Nick , and Julie .

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Do you think you might have something that is a fit and need more information? We don't reply to everything, but we'll certainly try.


Along the way, we've built some stuff, made important innovations and contributions, and invested in great companies. Here is an abbreviated list:

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  • Innovations
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Networked MD

Social Network for Doctors

Desktop Wallpaper

Made mainstream 1-Click - 1995

Photo Sharing

Origination of UGC - 1996

Asymmetric Follow

Birth of social networks - 1999


A new business model for UGC - 2002

Input Triggers

Now ubiquitous - 2005

NLP Calendar

30 Boxes - 2006


Yes, before Facebook - 2006

Content Cards

Replacing links with richer media - 2007